About the Journal

The Journal Water resources and Geosciences (JWRG) is a scientific journal, published by National center for water resources and management – Ministry of Water resource since 2021. Its papers are reviewed by efficient and highly qualified professors in all fields of water science. It was originally published every six months. In addition to the journal’s website. The Journal is edited and supervised by a multidisciplinary editorial board of specialized, experienced and highly qualified professors in scientific research. Most of the scientists and researchers in Iraq and other countries who specialize in water sciences, participate in publishing their research work in the Journal because of its outstanding position among other similar journals in the world.

  • Hydrology.
  • Climate Change
  • Hydrogology.
  • Remote sensing and GIS applications.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Irrigation and drainage.
  • Agricultural science.
  • Water resources management.
  • Earth science.