Optimal Operation of Al-Adhaim Dam by Genetic Algorithm


  • Ali H. Hommadi National Center for Water Resources Management, Ministry of Water Resources, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Ghaith M.Ali Mageed National Center for Water Resources Management, Ministry of Water Resources, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Alaa A. Abbas AL-hindyia barrage project, State commission for Dams and Reservoirs, Ministry of Water Resource


Because of  the decreasing in incoming water in  our country due to the construction of dams by neighboring countries located at the source of the two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) and their tributaries, and changes in the climate that negatively effect  on the amount of rain and rising in temperature in the summer. Also, the growth increasing in the population is accompanied by the need for more water, as well as, increasing in changes of lands  from agricultural to residential, it is one of the challenges of the today world . For this reason, it is assumed of  using modern methods and techniques in estimating the quantities of incoming water and using the optimization towards the best distribution in terms of the required water, yield, storage and time for the reservoir. In the study, using GA(genetic algorithm optimization technology) in calculating releases from Al-Adhaim River when a reservoir was placed and closed to different capacities and stored using this technique. In addition to the best stock and the best yield (return) and knowing the number of times the smuggler's run-off. This technique gives a solution closest to the optimal solution (NOS) (Near Optimal Solution).This research paper of  technique has found several treasury capacities  for a multiple (yield) outcome as well, and the choice is left to the decision makers to choose the most appropriate in terms of cost and water need.                                                                        


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