Sedimentary Environment of Some Soils Affected by The Euphrates River and Shatt Al-Rumaitha in Al-Muthanna Governorate


  • Asaad A. Al-Duraye National Center for Water Resources Management, Ministry of Water Resources, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Ali H. AL-Bayati College of Agriculture - University of Anbar. Iraq


The study area, which is located under the effect of the Euphrates River and Shatt al-Rumaitha in Al- Muthanna governorate. The semi details soil survey was carried out to selected area for study through digging up 94 Auger holes. eight pedons located which represent the region. The results indicated that that the values ​​of the arithmetic mean (Mz) of the sediments of the study area have extended within three volumetric periods the first is 1-4 Ф and formed a rate of 10.26% which includes sand particles, and the second 4 -5 Ф and its rate is 7.69% includes particles of coarse silt, and the third is 5-8 Ф its formed the largest percentage was 82.05%, and this medium and fine silt particles. As for the values ​​of the standard deviation for the general study area, its ranged between 1.70-3.13 Ф, as it turns out that the degree of sediment sorting was within the poorly sorted and very poorly sorted categories, since the dominance of the degree was very poorly sorted by 64.10%, while the percentage of the poorly sorted degree reached 35.90%. As for the values ​​of the kurtosis of the general studied pedions of the area, it ranged between 0.56-1.30 Ф. The results indicated that there are two conditions of sedimentation in the study area, the first is a quiet water sedimentation environment that allows the fine and medium separations to be deposited, and the second is with higher momentum and speed that allows the coarse separations to be deposited.


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