Comparative research study: Analysis and Evaluate Geodetic Observation for Deformation Monitoring in Mosul Dam


  • Shaimaa L. Hussein Ministry of Water Resources, State Commission of Survey, Department of Survey Training and Development


Dam Safety, Distortions, Dam Geodesy, Geodetic Control Networks, Dam Horizontal Displacement


In general, Dams consider as important hydraulic constructors in particular for life and humans, which requires periodic, systematic with high-accuracy monitoring to ensure the safety of the structures in them and to maintain the integrity of the infrastructure. To explain Concept of ​​this research, Mosul Dam was adopted to be a case study in analyzing and evaluating the nature of field observations in the geodetic network for monitor deformation in the dam’s body and the surrounding area at selected epochs of observation. As accompany to The development in Geomatics techniques to get high accuracy and speed through which disasters can be avoided. This study focused on the Horizontal Monitoring Network of the Mosul Dam due to the change of the Techniques monitoring uses the GNSS with no clear own Manner to enhance Geometry of Geodetic Network or determining Fix Points That use a reference station to get solutions of Network like that software adopted in solving the geodetic network to isolating the error from the movement or real displacement.


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